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About Us

Empowering Innovation Explore Our Electromechanical Legacy

AKN ENGINEERING PLC was founded in the year 2010 with a vision of becoming the prominent Engineering firm in the country. The company is currently engaged in design, supply, installation and construction works related to Power and Telecom sectors.

The Power Engineering department of the company is engaged in commercial power infrastructure construction and development, Renewable Energy Development and Distribution System Automation and Control including Installation, Test, Commissioning & Maintenance of MV and LV Power Lines, Electromechanical Equipment Industrial & Residential Electric & Lighting System, Solar Powers & Hybrid (Solar PV and generator) System to various customers demanding its service. In addition the Power Engineering Department of AKN ENGINEERING PLC is engaged in Systems Feasibility Assessment (Technoeconomic Feasibility Study), Design Development and Consultancy Services of Various Electric Power & Energy Development Works.


“To be the leading Electromechanical service provider in Ethiopia and East Africa”


To be capable of executing works to the highest quality

Our Services

Power up your life with our electrical services!

we use a fast track monitoring and control systems in ascertaining utmost and appropriate utilization of resources, forecasting and managing risks and finally providing a quality product and service which has often been highly appreciated by our clients.

Electrical Line Construction & Equipment Installation

- Electric line design, installation, testing, commissioning & commissioning
- MV Distribution lines up to 33 KV construction and installation UG & overhead
- Transformer installation
- LV line installation UG & overhead
- Sub-transmission line up to 66KV construction, installation, test and commissioning
- Breakers, CT, VT
- Street light installation, web came, Cc Tv Security camera etc

Telecom Infrastructure Supply & Installation

- Telecom equipment supply and installation.
- Tower erection
- Fiberoptics rollout

Energy Development works

- Solar systems installation, testing, commissioning & maintenance
  • PV
  • Battery & storage
  • Inverters and control systems
- Standby generators (mostly diesel)
- Hybrid system (solar PV & generators)

Complete Supply and Installation

We supply and install both for Government and private developers

Powering progress together - Electrifying your world

The core business of the company is centered at erection of MV and LV lines to various customers demanding its service. In addition, the company is engaged in provision of various service as a subcontractor.

Our Team

At AKN ELECTROMECHANICAL SUPPLY & INSTALTION PLC, we believe that the ultimate success of any project hinges primarily on the quality of the people involved.

General Manager | CEO

Mr Abdi Aliyi

Regional Manager

Mr Gadisa Tajo Abduraman