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Health and Safety Policy

AKN Engineering recognizes and accepts the inception and will conform in all respects to all or any National or Local acts of Government States Regulations, By Laws, Codes of Practice or Safety Regulations and will enforce Safe and Healthy working conditions.

The Company’s aim is to prevent foreseeable accidents and dangerous occurrences that might put at risk the Health, Safety and Welfare of all personnel including the general public and others not employed by us.

AKN ENGINEERING PLC deployed Safety Manual and Site Safety Method Statements is to provide a comprehensive guide to the Health and Safety Procedures and obligations personnel within the various locations under the control of AKN ENGINEERING PLC to maintain an acceptable standard of compliance. At all times adequate precautions and resources will ensure the health and safety of all personnel. It is responsibility of all persons who are involved with any activity on the Company premises and site to be aware of the related sections of the manuals and comply with them at all times.

The manuals define responsibilities of all work units and all individuals involved in the company’s work including General Manager, Safety Manager, Regional Managers, Project Managers, Safety Officers and Headquarters & Regional Offices.

Safety Officers inspect areas of work activity in order to provide constructive evidence corrective actions can be taken. Safety method statements relevant to the workplace and an unsafe acts and conditions checklist will be used as a Term of Reference for conducting workplace inspections. When safety audits are conducted by the Safety Manager or visiting Safety Officers. Different safety meeting held at working places

AKN ENGINEERING deploys safety facilities like Safety Trainings, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), First Aid Facilities & Locations, Fire Protection & Evacuation, Accident Prevention / Reporting/ and Working Tools